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Claire aims to create original songs and music using digital recorders, guitars, percussion, sequencers and keyboards. She works with other arts practitioners on multi-media projects; digital video, ceramics, public art, video and computer graphics, theatre, animation and drama. She can also be booked to run her original and now established technique 'Song in Seconds' workshops using acoustic instruments. These run as 20 minutes, 2 hour, half-day or whole day sessions.

Claire received the "Artist of the Year" Award from the Arts Council in 2001, as the Balladeer in Residence for Shropshire County Council. Her role? To act as the county's first balladeer for over 400 years! Claire saw herself as a 21st Century message service, travelling around the County listening to the voices of residents aged between 2 and 92, and delivering their message back to the Council in song. This led to the 6-track CD "Loud and Clear from the Balladeer", available from Shropshire County Council. Claire offers similar programmes to other agencies.

For details of Claire's current schedule, please visit the Diary page.

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