Ordinary Rebel (2001)

Hard Day 4.28
Kiss me to Sleep 3.54
Ordinary Rebel 4.45 - click to hear sample (286KB)
Voice...Power to use it 4.11
Hold Hands 3.34 - click to hear sample (141KB)
Hope Always Lasts 5.33
World End 4.35
Not a Day 4.01
Breath of Wind 4.08
Unhappy Tonight 3.29

Guitar & vocals: Claire Mooney, Telecaster Guitar: Gareth Butcher, Violin: Maureen Charlton, Bass Guitar: Mary Bass, Percussion, guitar & keyboards: Jaydev Mistry, Violin arrangements: Carol Rowlands.
Engineered, produced and mixed by Jaydev Mistry at Whassup?! Studios, Manchester, England.

All songs written by Claire Mooney.


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  Ordinary Rebel

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