Good As You (2007)

Time Will Tell 4.12 (click to hear sample)
Shadows 4.20 (click to hear sample)
Kindness of Strangers 5.26
Good As You 4.32 (click to hear sample)
A Little Peace 4.38
One Step Forward 4.55
Letting Go 5.17
This Day is for You 4.23
This Love 6.09
Stop The War 4.39 (click to hear sample)
Strong Enough 2.23

Claire Mooney: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, ikeyboards, synths
Mick Routledge: percussion/rhythm, guitar, bass, piano
Maureen Charlton: violin
Carol Rowlands: violin arrangements
John Gibson: whistle
Christopher Gibson: electric guitar
Produced by: Claire Mooney and Mick Routledge

Recorded by: Mick Routledge at Nameless Studios and The Cutting Rooms, Manchester, England

All songs written by Claire Mooney.


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