Drawing Breath Sketching Dreams (1994)

Dear Annie 3.40
Nameless Unsung 4.18
Faith Restored 4.51
Love Again 4.58 - click to hear sample
Hold Hands 3.30
Drawing Breath, Sketching Dreams 4.06 - click to hear sample
Heavy on the Miracle 4.03
I Suppose You Believe 2.38
Cold Water 4.46
Move Mountains 4.36

All songs written and published by Claire Mooney. Produced by Claire Mooney. Digitally edited by Mick Routledge.
Violin: Maureen Charlton
Bass guitar & backing vocals: Mary Bass
Sax & recorder: Bob Fell
Synths, percussion & bass: Mick Routledge
Guitar, vocals & all other instruments: Claire Mooney


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  Drawing breath sketching dreams...

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